5 Everyday Things You Can Do For A Healthier Vagina

5 Everyday Things You Can Do For A Healthier Vagina

Did you know that second only to your intestines, your vagina contains more bacteria than anywhere else in your body? Few people know that. 

But they should. 

See, the more you know about your vagina, the better you can look after it. 

A healthy vagina means a happy vagina. 

And so if you want fewer yeast infections, UTIs, pain, redness and itching, then here’s 5 everyday things you can do for a healthier, happier vagina. 

1. Keep washing to a minimum (and please don’t douche!)

You already know this, but vaginas are amazing organs. 

Not only do they bring life into this world, they also do a great job of keeping themselves clean. They do this by balancing healthy bacteria and PH levels, and douching can actually disturb your natural PH levels. 

In fact, research shows that using intravaginal hygiene products can put you at increased risk of infections. 

To keep your vagina clean, only wash with mild, unscented soap on the outside and just water on the inside. Your amazing vagina will do the rest.

2. Always wipe from front to back 

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s worth repeating. 

Wiping the wrong way round, from back to front, exposes your vagina to a host of bacteria and increases your risk of catching infections like E. coli. 

You don’t want diarrhea, stomach cramps and terrible fever, do you?

Next time you go to the toilet, remember, always wipe from front to back. 

3. Choose your underwear wisely

Your vagina has a favorite type of underwear; it’s any that are cotton. 

See, cotton is natural, breathable, comfortable and it absorbs excess moisture, which decreases your chances of infections and health risks. 

A major epidemiological survey found “wearing underwear made from synthetic fabrics” is commonly associated with vaginal yeast infections.  

That’s why your vagina requests you wear cotton underwear. 

Or if you’re in bed and feel comfortable, nothing at all. 

4. Do your kegels

If you’re pregnant, have had a baby, or you suffer from any level of incontinence, you’ve likely been told to “do your kegels!”. 

That’s because kegel exercises help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and improve your bladder and bowel function. That means less leaking!

Not only that,  but kegels can also make your orgasms stronger, too. 

While we recommend you seek out a qualified PT to help you through any kegel exercise program, you can start with something as simple as three sets of 10 kegels each day, holding each kegel for five seconds.

That’s quick, doable and very effective for your vaginal health!

5. Check your lubes for nasty ingredients

A good lubricant can turn your sex up a notch, or ten. 

However, not all lubes are equal when it comes to keeping your vagina healthy. Some ingredients can contribute towards bacteria growth, and disturb your vagina’s natural PH level. Look out for harmful ingredients like glycerin and petroleum, and try to avoid scented or flavored lubricants. 

Instead, look for water-based lubricants that are free from parabens.

They’re great for your sex life and vaginal health.  

Is your vagina as healthy as it could be?

If your vagina is suffering from any itching, burning, unpleasant odors, or unusual discharge, it might mean your vaginal PH level is out of balance.

That puts you at risk of infections and more serious health consequences.

Therefore, if you have any symptoms at all, you should always check your vaginal PH levels sooner rather than later. Fortunately, it’s quick, cheap, and easy to do from home. You can order a test from our website now.



We ship it to you in discreet packaging. 

And you’ll get your results within 30-seconds of taking the test. 

That means you can discover your vaginal PH balance within 3 days, and confidently seek medical support you need to improve your vaginal health.